2014 Christmas Cards

Last holiday season I worked on a few Christmas cards for Madison Park Greetings, and now I'm excited to say that I finally listed them in my shop! Magnets with these same animals and a few others will also be up soon, along with two more card sets. My plan is to list them on Etsy by the end of next week. 
I know, I'm cutting it close >_< 

Get them here: Black Cat | Fox


New Stickers


 Hope you all are well and if you're in the US you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

This weekend I worked on some new stickers from two small watercolor illustrations I painted back in 2012. I think they set a great example of what two best buds look like. The packaging was fun to design, mostly because the ratio of cute increases as the image size decreases. Hope you like them!

Available in my shop :)



From Nov 28-Dec 5 I’m having a sale! It’s been a while since I’ve had one so I thought I’d have some options :)
20% off all items in my shop (use code holiday14)
BOGO all prints (of equal or lesser value)
Spend $10 get a FREE 5x7 of your choice!

**Let me know your print of choice in the "notes to seller" section at checkout**
And best of all, a little mini print will be included with all orders!


Sketchbook Favorites

This year I learned sketching with ballpoint pens is the best. Drawing with something permanent makes it easier to get ideas down on the page without fussing, and once they're there you can get the details you like with pencil. I've been busier in my sketchbook than I have in the past which is an achievement for me, but really I should be doing tenfold what I've done so far. And that's what goals are for! My goal of using my sketchbook for it's purpose has been successful, so now I just need to keep the habit going and continue being productive. I think that's reasonable.


Memo Pads

 In early summer I finished 10  memo pad designs for Madison Park Greetings that will be released in 2015. These were so much fun to do! The sizes vary from 4x5" to 3x4". Some of the original designs have since been edited, but you'll get to see them soon enough when the notepads make their way here. Can't wait!